Einārs Verro

Musician, conductor, educator
Graduated from Emīls Dārziņš Music School and Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music in professors Imants Kokars and Vasily Sinaiskis classes. Has obtained a professional master's degree and a fifth level professional qualification in a choir conducting and a teaching of music subjects.

Currently, Einars Verro is actively working in 4 music collectives who are well known for their professional sound:


Conductor of the Latvian University Male Choir “Dziedonis”


Artistic Director of Vocal Jazz Group ASSEMBLY SINGERS

"Senais kalns"

Artistic Director of choir “Senais kalns” of the Latvian Academy of Arts


Conductor of Riga State German Gymnasium Choir “Verdandi”, head of school vocal and vocal instrumental ensemble

In his career, he has led several broad music collectives:

  • Latvian Chamber of Culture Professional Chamber Choir "Versija"
  • Mixed Choir AGRA of Cēsu district Priekuļi SIS
  • Student choir Latvian Academy of Music "ZVANI"
  • Mixed Choir of Jumprava Culture House
  • Women's Choir “Gundega”
  • Mixed Choir "Jumala" for Large Families
  • Mixed Choir of Riga Business School
  • New Men's Choir of Riga

Einars Verro has also participated in many international festivals as a chief conductor:

41st Australian Latvian Culture Days, Adelaide, 1991

1st Nordic Choral Festival, Tallinn, Estonia, 2006

13th Latvian Song Festival in Hamilton, Canada, 2009

European Latvian Song Festival in Eslingen, Germany, 2017

Organized choir and ensemble participation in 20 international music festivals and several concert tours. He has performed more than 1,600 concerts in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, France, USA, Canada and Australia with his own ensembles and choirs.